Vision Mission


Managed by the Feerasta family, the Group’s activities reflect the changing business environment and emerging needs of the economy of Pakistan. The Company is headed by Ahmed Feerasta as the Chief Operating Officer of RFL with its head-office being based in the beautiful city of Lahore. Keeping this in mind it has decided to launch Rupali Foods Limited whereby it plans to become a major food company and wishes to enter the market through confectionery, primarily via their biscuit brand. The vision of the company is ‘Youthful Consumption’, whereby its core mission of existence being to bring about smiles across the faces of our consumers and stakeholders. It aims to become a major provider of biscuits by the year 2020 with a 25% SOM in the Pakistan Biscuit Industry.


We aim to build and enhance the following core values of our leadership into both our People and Products (Brand) likewise:

  • Being & Remaining Ethical
  • Always Remaining Consumer Driven
  • Believing in Partnerships
  • To Care for Our Employees
  • Taking the Initiative
  • Remaining Flexible

These values will be utilized in order to assemble a world class organization which is deep rooted and run on strong moral ground, merit, and sound management principles. Thus becoming a destination and model brand for our Consumers and Stakeholders.